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Promotion Service RABT Book Tours and PR

From their website: RABT Book Tours & PR was started by an avid reader with a genuine love to read.

RABT was founded in 2012 and over the last 6 years it has grown into a full blown PR Service to help Authors, Publishers, and Publicists take novels to the next level. Having 6 Years in business, we have learned the ins and outs of many facets of not just book publicity, but specifically publicity for eBooks.

We have a genunie love for all writing, because of that, we work in all genres. This is a great way for an author of multiple genres to only have to work with one publicist.

Everything we do is customizable. We know that every book will have different publicity needs and we are willing to work to make sure your novel is getting exactly the right promotion for it.

Promotion Service Authors Cross Promotion

From their website: Hi. I'm Amy Vansant. That's me drinking a bloody Mary on the left. Why? Because I was spending all my time testing out promotion sites, trying to find editors, trying to find cover artists, trying to think of new ways to promote my books... when I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITING. You'd want a bloody Mary, too.

My editing is probably wrong here. Is "Bloody Mary" capitalized? Just the "Mary?" Grr.

But I have an editor now! Two actually. And it only took me a year to find them.

I created this site to help authors, particularly Indie authors, avoid all the pitfalls I had to slog through. New authors will find a quick way to solve a lot of their marketing and production problems, and more experienced authors will band together and GROW with our Mailing List Building events and Read & Review programs.

Book Cover Artists Patrick Sipperly: Book Cover Design/ Video Productions

From their website: The best book cover design is one that attracts readers to buy the book, without misleading them. Something eye-catching and relevant to the story.

Cool book covers won't embarrass the reader if they're reading the book in public. They'll be glad to show it off! We aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover...but we do, don't we? So, when contemplating a design, put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Is this interesting or intriguing enough for someone to buy? Is this the best book cover design you can get - without costing an arm and a leg?

Arizona Video Company is happy to offer the services of our book cover designer and graphic artist Patrick Sipperly.

Copywriter Just Great Copy

From their website: I’m a wordsmith. I love to gather information and communicate it creatively in a variety of ways. Do you like your copy straight up? Serious but lively? Humorous? Conversational? Whatever tone you choose, I’ll find the right words to convey your message. And best of all: I’ll deliver a clean piece of writing on deadline.

Grow your business with effective web content and marketing materials.

Editor Suzanne Johnson

From Suzanne's website: I have more than thirty years in copy editing and developmental editing both fiction and nonfiction, including two years as the founding copy editor for Entangled Publishing. My copy-edited works include best-selling paranormals by authors such as Laura Kaye and Jennifer Armentrout, and I'm a wiz at uncovering POV slips and run-on sentences. I love editing all genres of romance fiction with experience in contemporary romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy romance, and romantic suspense/thrillers. As an award-winning published author myself, with twenty-plus novels and novellas in romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance, I know what it takes to make your words sing and your story shine.

Book Cover Artists Jeffrey Kosh Graphics

From their website: I ’m a graphic designer working mainly on book covers, movie posters, logos, merchandising art, DVD boxes, and advertising.

Being a published author myself, I know how much a good cover can influence a reader to buy a book, so I do my best to find out the right image for my client's needs.

When you buy a graphic work from JKG, you can stay sure it becomes absolutely yours. All graphics are made with free or personal stock (mostly from our photographers, Lorraine Versini and Stefano Sciortino), and are combined, and blended, to create a unique new picture that will never be reused or resold.

A book cover or poster needs to say it all at a glance. Readers and viewers need to feel motivated and moved to buy a book or watch a movie because of these qualities. To accomplish this, we collaborate with the commissioning author until a satisfying final result is achieved.

We also have a 'pre-mades' section with flat prices (from 25 to 45 dollars).

Book Cover Artists Victoria Cooper Cover Art

From their website: I offer a wide variety of premade covers in various categories. Upon purchase, I will add your title/author info and send to you in a high-resolution file of 2400 x 1600 (if you need a different size/file type just let me know). I can do any typography changes, include the font and font colors/effects to fit what you desire. I am also willing to make small changes to the cover to fit your needs.

I also do custom covers, starting at $85 for an ebook cover, $100 for an ebook cover and wrap around print cover.

Book Cover Artists Wicked Smart Designs

From their website:

Stand out from the crowd.

Want to make the bestsellers list? Put your book in our hands to make an impact in a sea of mediocre. Trust that your ideas can come alive and drive readers for your best sales yet!

From e books, to full print, we have you covered!
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Book Cover Artists Yocla Book Cover Designs

From their website: Giving the market what it wants is key to making sales. We understand that a good book cover not only is pretty, but also fits genre and reader expectations. Through extensive market research, we will make sure your cover fits market trends, while fitting your story.

Proofreader Emily Nemchick

From their website:

I began copy editing and proofreading professionally in 2012, after completing my BA in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge. I have worked as a copy editor in academic publishing and the self-publishing world. I have worked on fiction and non-fiction projects of almost every genre, from post-apocalypse to erotica, ranging from short stories to lengthy novels.

I have extensive linguistic knowledge as well as years of experience. As a member of both the American Copy Editors Society and the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors, I constantly improve my skills and try to remain at the top of my field.

When you hire me to edit your manuscript, you are hiring someone who has the ability to catch more than just typos and obvious mistakes. I provide a professional-level service and can identify and correct subtle errors most people would miss.

I work in both American and British English. Although I am very thorough, I am non-invasive. I work hard to preserve the author's voice whilst improving flow and readability. If you think I might be a good fit for you, head over to my Contact page and send me a message.

Manuscript Formatting Seaside Publications

From their website: Self-publishing your book means dealing with a lot of details. Let Nina take the headache out of the final steps of putting your digital and/or print book on sale with her formatting services. From hyperlinked table of contents to the stylized images for scene breaks and chapter header fonts that complement your book cover and genre, straight through to your author bio, your book will have the professional look your readers will love. Most formatting projects are completed within a week of start date and are validated for digital and print formatting accuracy.

Manuscript Formatting Reedsy

From their website:

Crafting beautiful books is at the heart of everything that Reedsy does. We're changing the way books are published by giving authors and publishers access to talented professionals, powerful tools, and free educational content. Reedsy was founded in the summer of 2014 by Emmanuel Nataf, Ricardo Fayet, Vincent Durand and Matt Cobb. Since then, we’re proud to have built a network of world-class publishing professionals and helped produce over 3,000 books.

Publicist L. Woods PR

From their website: L. WOODS PR is a full service promotional and marketing company that focuses on helping your brand stand out. Whether you're just starting out, or you have an established brand, L. Woods PR can help expand your reach, design your logo and get your brand noticed.

Promotion Service BookBub

From their website: BookBub is a free service that helps millions of readers discover books they'll love while providing publishers and authors with a way to drive sales and find new fans. Upon joining, members receive unbeatable deals selected by our expert editorial team, handpicked recommendations from people they trust, and real-time updates from their favorite authors. BookBub works with all major ebook retailers and devices, and partners with thousands of the industry’s leading publishers and authors to promote their books. BookBub was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Manuscript Formatting Vellum Formatting

From their website: Created your ebook in Vellum? It’s ready for print.

Page numbers. Margins. Headers. Font. Line spacing. All of the setup that can take hours elsewhere happens automatically with every book you create.

And Vellum goes beyond the basics to prevent widows, balance page spreads, and avoid short pages — all automatically. You’ll have a book that looks like it took days to create …in minutes.

Book Cover Artists Studioenp

From their website: Stunning cover art that doesn’t cost the earth. Our book covers are unique in that we never sell the same cover twice. Coveted by authors around the world, our award-winning covers will give you the edge over your competition.

Studioenp is a creative studio formed in 2017 by Emmy and Paul Ellis.

Based in North Nottingham (just an hour or so on the train from London Kings Cross) we work closely with authors and publishers from around the globe.

With a plethora of skills ranging from editing, book covers, branding, web design, and marketing, we can deliver you the complete publishing package.

Collaborating with marketers, photographers, and a whole host of other gifted individuals, we can provide all the services you need from under one awesome roof.

We also offer full manuscript/dissertation editing, book cover art, exhibition graphics/posters, branding, good old graphic design, marketing, website design, and social media solutions.

Editor Jennifer Herrington

From Jennifer's Website: Jennifer, a perpetual student, lover of academics, and a complete bookworm, has spent the majority of her adult-life enrolled in higher education. She’s attended the University of Waterloo for English Literature, Conestoga College for Radio and Television Broadcasting, and Simon Fraser University for a general editing certificate. She’s currently working toward completing a certificate in publishing at Ryerson University with a specialization in editing books for young adults. She’s a member of the Editors Association of Canada, the Editorial Freelancers Association, and the Academy of Copy Editors Society. Her list of clients includes award-winning and bestselling fiction writers (mainly romance) in all genres from young adult to women’s fiction and everything in between. Before editing fiction, she edited, wrote, and designed safety and technical equipment manuals, and also spent five years at a daily newspaper as a sports reporter and feature writer.

Jennifer is a freelance production/content editor for Lyrical Press and offers her freelance editing services to independent authors. She’s also spent time as a content editor and copy editor at the now-defunct Three Worlds Press, Breathless Press, and Lycaon Press. Jennifer spent three years as an intern for Entangled Publishing; where she found her love and passion for critically examining plot structure, character arcs, and writing mechanics.


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