2022 Autumn Pitchfest!

Business 2022 Autumn Pitchfest!

This is a great event. Like other comments, there weren’t many agents on this round.

It’s also March 7 with no update on requests yet. Would be good if could get requests quicker.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Hello @JenniferW,
Thanks for your feedback. We actually shared the publishing professional requests on March 1, 2023.
Please check out:
Publisher Requests: https://savvyauthors.com/community/threads/2023-sweetheart-pitchfest-editor-publisher-requests.51791/
Agent Requests: https://savvyauthors.com/community/threads/2023-sweetheart-pitchfest-agent-requests.51790/
I'm a huge believer in the Power of Pitch. As pitch events go, the Savvy Authors one is pretty good. I love the format: neat, uniform, easy to execute. Should there be more agents, editors, and publishers? Definitely. But I know snagging them is a challenge, so I'm just happy to have had a shot at the ones who participated, happy that Savvy Authors goes to the enormous trouble to produce these events, and happiest to feel myself a member of a vast and productive authorial community. To me, we ALL have perfect pitch!
Thank you for providing this opportunity to reach out to agents! I got one bite so far and that would not have happened if it wasn't for this forum. I'll let you know what happens!
Of the several editors & agents (there weren't that many---12?) only 2 1 in each category was looking for commercial fiction.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback! We were also disappointed this year at the fewer numbers of agents and editors for Sweetheart Pitchfest. Turns out there were some competing events so we are rethinking the timing for next year.
The format is 5star a far better way to pitch! But I'm a kid lit writer and there was one publisher...
Wonderful opportunity to interact with editors and agents and get more experience pitching.
I really enjoyed this event. It gives authors a fair chance to pitch their book idea. Perhaps the timeline to post the pitches could be shorter so authors have less competition. I like the reminders to keep the pitches to three lines, and I like how I had automatic updates to my email when there was a post. I would do this again. Thank you, Savvy Authors!
Easy to participate. Wish there had been more agents and editors. Good opportunity and lots of guidance/help.
I think your team of staff and volunteers is terrific. I was disappointed to see only a handful of agents. The competition was fierce given the number of authors pitching. It might have been better for the members if you had limited the pitching to the SavvyAuthor members. That said, I'm truly appreciative of all this organization does.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback! We were also disappointed this year at the fewer numbers of agents and editors for Sweetheart Pitchfest. Turns out there were some competing events so we are rethinking the timing for next year.
I received a number of requests from the event. The addition of "currently looking for" was a great idea. I would, however, like an explanation of my achievements that appear in my profile. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to hearing good news and the Sweetheart session next year. Thanks for doing this.
Savvy Authors Pitchfest offered writers a straightforward platform for pitching agents and editors/publishers. The turnaround from posting the pitch to receiving information about interest was within 2 weeks.
I have loved being able to pitch to agents and editors that are accepting manuscripts directly. The "currently looking for" tags were extraordinarily beneficial and avoided over-pitching. Thank you for this opportunity.

I look forward to the next Pitchfest. Hoping I hear good news this week.
Great event. Thanks so much for the opportunity to pitch. Maybe when Sweetheart Pitch comes around, I'll have a polished NaNo project to submit. Good luck out there my fellow writers!
Thank you for organizing the event. It would help if the directions were more detailed about how to navigate your website and how to find out if there has been a response.
Great event overall - I especially appreciated the chance to pitch to editors! The one bit of feedback I'd offer is that it would have been helpful to include information about how each editor planned participate in their bio - meaning whether they planned to replying to the thread in real time, or provide a list after the fact. If I'd known not to expect replies for certain editors during the event I wouldn't have had to spend so much time checking each thread.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks, Louise! Great idea. We'll add that to the questions for the Pub Pros.
Easy and great advice leading up to event. Lots of helpful reminders. Terrific opportunity to get a pitch in front of quality industry people.
I loved having 3 days, but saw 3 different deadline times between the emails, and two different pages of the website. I didn't like getting emails or notifications of others querying the same agent/editor (was able to turn off the emails). Would also love to be able to jump to my pitches.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback. Definitely going to improve this for next time. We can turn off auto-subscribe and post clearer instructions around how to monitor your pitches. And yes, we changed the deadline and missed a few places. Ugh. We'll do better next time! :)
Great job detailing information about agents. I received approx 20 email notifications over the three-day timeframe from authors replying to my submission. I wish all the authors the best of luck with their novels, but the incoming emails became a touch annoying. Anticipation was always high that it was an agent requesting pages.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback. We got this loud and clear, we will improve communications for our Feb 'Fest!
Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity. It was simple to do, with a great variety of agents and editors.
Nice variety in editors, publishers, agents and agencies offered. Having information on them and their organization in the same place where we replied to their post made it easy whether or not to submit. I'll definitely register for the pitch fest in February.