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A Non-Techies Guide to Creating Book Covers using Free Software with Terri Main

New for 2018 A Non-Techies Guide to Creating Book Covers using Free Software with Terri Main

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Your book cover is the first impression your reader has of your book. It attracts attention, makes your book stand out from the others on the web page, and it sells the content of the book. However, outsourcing your cover can be costly. You can pay $200 and more for a cover designed by a person who never even read your book.

There is an alternative - Design your own cover. I know this may sound scary, but, in fact, you can easily design an attractive, powerful cover using inexpensive stock photos and free graphics software. The basic techniques are easy to learn, you can design the cover based on your knowledge of the book, and - well - it's a lot of fun.

No technical experience is required. In spite of the somewhat sophisticated looks of the programs, you only need to learn to use a handful of tools to create professional book covers. You will be surprised how easily you can create a cover indistinguishable from one costing hundreds of dollars to purchase.

Topics Include:
  • Elements of Ebook Cover Design
    Beginning Kindle Cover Creator
    Advanced Kindle Cover Creator
    Creating a Single Image Cover using Free Software
    Basics of Graphic Design
    Eye movement and Layout
    Use of Color Blocks
    Color and Contrast
    Color and Emotion
    Choice of Font
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