Alpha Babes with Pamela Jaye Smith

Craft Alpha Babes with Pamela Jaye Smith

There was no sense of community with this class. The writing exercises weren't inspiring or helpful and nobody in my class participated. The information was erudite, but not practical. There were zero excerpts or specifics from writing, only a list of books we could read or movies we could watch. Not helpful. There was no bridge between these esoteric concepts of an Alpha Babe and actual writing. It didn't help me with my writing at all, which is the entire point of a writing class. This class was more of an overview of all the aspects of a person that need to come together for enlightenment. Also, I was expecting something more whimsical with a title like Alpha Babes. There was no whimsy or fun in this class at all. Just very dry lectures. I gave the second star because the instructor was very knowledgeable, but I didn't enjoy this class.