Beyond Spellcheck: Self-Editing Before Submission with Kate McMurray

Editing Beyond Spellcheck: Self-Editing Before Submission with Kate McMurray

Kate McMurray is outstanding. She motivates me to write and send off my novels for publication because she knows her craft and is so caring toward her students. She's clarified so many writing issues for me. Bravo. Joan Ramirez, author
I really enjoyed this series. Even though I wasn't able to participate much I did learn a lot. I do think it would be better if each section were month long courses instead of 2 weeks, that way there would be more time to interact and work on the lessons.
Kate is top notch. i've taken several courses with her. She has knowledge to spare.
Kate McMurray's workshops are excellent. Her information is concise and easy to understand and afterward I'm always excited and eager to tackle the problems in my manuscript. Kate is also very approachable and always replies to questions with amazing answers. I've taken three of her workshops so far and wouldn't hesitate to sign up again. Would definitely recommend!
Kate did a fine job with her class. Her lectures were thorough and easy to understand. She covered all the material she promised to cover, and provided handouts and useful resources. She answered all my questions in a professional yet friendly manner. I would consider taking another class taught by her.
Excellent course notes, video and handouts. Very useful information about research and settings. She opened my eyes to see the topic in a whole new light and with greater depth. Setting can be a character in some cases, besides the stage the novel occurs on or the backdrop which foreshadows things to come. The instructor is accessible to questions and is a fund of knowledge and experience. Thank you.
I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The opening video is very helpful, and I am using the materials provided as I plot my next manuscript. I write domestic/psychological suspense, so I appreciated that there were examples given outside of the romance genre.