Blending Our World with the Otherworldly -- Writing Urban Fantasy with June Diehl

New for 2017 Blending Our World with the Otherworldly -- Writing Urban Fantasy with June Diehl

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Editing, Dialog, Structure, Genre, Plotting, Worldbuilding
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Whether you are new at writing urban fantasy or want to improve some aspect of writing in this genre, we’ll explore in detail what urban fantasy is and the elements that make it a popular genre. How does the writer blend our world with the magical? How might the writer create non-human characters that work, not only with the human characters but with the story at large?

Through the lessons and exercises, the writer will get the opportunity to work on a new or existing urban fantasy project and receive feedback on completed exercises.

Lesson 1 – What is Urban Fantasy? / Elements of Urban Fantasy
Lesson 2 – World Building, Part 1
Lesson 3 – World Building, Part 2
Lesson 4 – Creature and Character Creation, Part 1
Lesson 5 – Creature and Character Creation, Part 2
Lesson 6 – Mythology and Religion
Lesson 7 – Magic
Lesson 8 – Markets and Publication
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Enjoyable and informative class. If this is your genre, I recommend this class.