Catching the Feels: How to Achieve Emotional Depth and Deeper POV with Katherine McIntyre

Craft Catching the Feels: How to Achieve Emotional Depth and Deeper POV with Katherine McIntyre

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Are your characters feeling flat or too superficial? Are readers having a hard time connecting?

In Catching the Feels, we'll dive deep into character creation and how to find the spark of your characters from the beginning. We'll also go through different approaches and techniques to achieve deeper point-of-view, an integral part of immersing your readers. By the end of this course, you'll be creating complex, memorable characters, and you'll have mastered the techniques to integrate depth into passages that need an emotional injection.
How to Achieve Emotional Depth and Deeper POV

Week One: Building those complex characters

Monday: Start them with a structure
-Myers Briggs
-Astrology Signs
-Dungeons and Dragons sheets

Wednesday: Scalpel past the surface—let’s get negative
-What sorts of things do they hate?
-What key events shaped their lives?
-What are they most afraid of?

Friday: Sweet dreams are made of this—hopes and goals
-Past goals: Achievements
-Present goals: Wants
-Future goals: Aspirations

Week Two: Sinking into deeper POV

Monday: Body language is your friend
-Eyes, mouth, etc
-Proxemics and posture

Wednesday: Sensory details for the win
-Five Senses
-Reaching past clichés to something personal
-Tethering sensory details to introspection

Friday: Layers of feelings
-Immediate feelings—spurred by current events,
-Current character struggles
-Past damage/incidents that shaped them

Week Three: Using plot and setting as tools

Monday: Location, location, location
-World the characters live in
-Important places for your characters
-Scene-by-scene: reflect your character’s mood

Wednesday: What’s the worst that can happen?
-What would your character’s worst day look like?
-What would be the worst thing that can happen in the current scene?
-Responses to the worst—character definition

Friday: A walk down memory lane
-Developing the character’s backstory
-Sense memories triggering current issues
-Settings that evoke memories

Week Four: Weaving everything together

Monday: Complex character checklist
-Apply the character checklist to your leads, and even side characters

Wednesday: Deep POV scene fixer
-Steps of fixing weaker paragraphs to apply on your own WIP

Friday: Final exercise and discussion
-Example and practice for complex character in a deep POV scene, plus discussion overview of the entire course.
Katherine McIntyre
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