Crafting a Page Turner with Steve Shrott

Craft Crafting a Page Turner with Steve Shrott

Another great class taught by Steve Shrott! This is the fourth class of Steve's that I've taken, and I've signed up for his upcoming SciFi class as well. The lectures are substantive and the writing exercises are a terrific way to explore a genre you've never considered or improve your writing in a genre you want to master. Plus, the feedback is exemplary -- quite detailed and spot on.
Steve offered new perspectives on my work, which was greatly appreciated. The class also included a list of perspective places to submit to, which was unexpected.
Steve’s Horror class was packed with excellent information. I found him to be not only a fantastic instructor, but incredibly motivating, as well. He provides a truly impactful experience that I found to be rare with some of these classes. Personally, have only truly encountered, in a few. Steve takes actual time to provide guidance, and meticulous feedback on assignments. His class is not akin to a blog post or video you can find online, for free. It is not a class you receive rushed, or incomplete answers in feedback. Nor given a simple like, or emoji. Nor are you ever ignored. Quite the opposite. He is very thorough. He takes evident time in reviewing each, and every assignment posted. Any, and all questions that follow. Because of his considerate effort you become aware of your strengths, and weaknesses. You are enabled to learn from classmates through the attentive feedback he provides, them. The class experience is truly elevated. You come out knowing what you excel at, and what you need to improve upon. It makes a world of a difference. One, I honestly recommend along with a select few…that made a world of a difference for me. Truth is, I only ever give reviews when I feel it is deserved. I adored this class, and the instructor.
I loved this class on Horror short stories. It was just long enough to be interesting and short enough to be fun. Steve packed it full of great information and kept things light. His feedback was exceptional and helped make my ideas even better.
Highly recommend Steven Shrott's adding humor class. The class gave a good deal of information while at the same time not having an overwhelming pace. The feedback on the homework assignments was thorough and useful. And the homework was fun to do!
You can't go wrong with a Steve Shrott class. His lectures are in-depth and well-organized. He also provides authentic feedback that you can use to make your writing better. I'll be using my notes & practice assignments for years to come!
I highly recommend Steve Shrott's classes. The lessons are thoughtful and informative and presented in a clear, easy to follow manner. The examples he includes -- and there are a lot -- are very helpful. Steve goes above and beyond in providing extensive feedback to everyone. He is encouraging and raised my confidence in my writing abilities. And everything he does, he does it with humor!
This was another excellent course from Steve Shrott! I can always count on three things in his classes: Educational--Entertaining--Interactive. Highly recommended.
Very informative, with really useful advice.
Will definitely re-read the lessons, and review the comments when working on my thriller :)
I enjoyed this class a lot. Steve's lectures were very helpful in plotting out a thriller and I will be referring to his notes when I plan my next book in this genre. Thank you!
Fantastic class! Steve's homework had me discover issues of the story I was unaware of. His questions had me thinking of the antagonist and expanding their background from a simple cardboard type to a complex villain with motives.
Thank you Very much, Steve.
Mr. Shrott provided great examples to make his points, made suggestions and answered our questions quickly. I'll definitely look for more of his classes. Thanks for offering this class!
Steve is a great instructor. His notes are an amazing reference tool and his feedback on the homework is so helpful to gain insights on areas where one's writing craft can improve. I have gained a tremendous amount from all of the classes I have taken. He takes the class siubject and walks the class through how to understand the genre and what components are necessary. I highly recommend this and any of his classes.
Steve Shrott was extremely thorough in lectures, giving feedback on homework assignments and answering questions. The assignments were very engaging and many students posted excellent work. He gave very thorough critiques and suggestions, while maintaining an infectious enthusiasm. He delivered on his promise to get students to come up with a thriller plot and outline by the end of the session. It worked for me!
Steve is clear and concise in his lessons. He gives an overview of the definition of a thriller and then walks students through the process of plotting a thriller. By the end of two weeks we had a story idea, book blurb, plot points leading to the midpoint, and further twists after the midpoint. We had an overview of our protagonist and antagonist. He gave valuable feedback along the way and his enthusiasm for the genre was contagious. Thank you!
The instructor is excellent. Breaks down formula/patterns to humor, gives great examples and assignments and valuable personal assignment feedback. I didn't think I was capable of much humor, but now I see where I can use humor in anything and everything I write, even though mostly it's serious or dark. Well placed humorous lines can enhance even dark, creepy, suspenseful scenes. I wasn't sure if I should have taken the class, but I am pleased and happy that I did. I recommend this instructor. His notes, insights and feedback are invaluable.
He gives great examples of various types of humor and breaks things down into bite size portions that are easy to digest. He also gives excellent feedback on the homework and helps you with your attempts at humor.
I just completed Steve Shrott's Mystery Short Story course and found it to be highly instructive and fun. Steve provided structured lectures with great examples to make it accessible to an inexperienced short story writer like myself. The homework assignments after each lesson where perfect practice opportunities. Best of all was Steve's responsiveness and constructive feedback to each homework assignment. Don't hesitate if you are thinking about taking this class or working with this instructor. You'll be happy you did.
Thiis course and instructor were amazing. I've had numerous short story, flash fiction, mystery classes but Steve's notes synthesized all the factoids together into usable, practical information. His feedback on writing assignments was invaluable and extremely useful to further improve my future writing as well. Don't miss the chance to take this class. I'm very glad I did.
This class was informative and helpful. My one pie-in-the-sky wish: This would ask a lot of the teacher, but - I'd like to be able to send in more/longer excerpts for insights on how the paing could be picked up.