Creating a “Murder Book” for your Mystery Novel with Beth Daniels

Genre-Mystery-Crime Creating a “Murder Book” for your Mystery Novel with Beth Daniels

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4 Weeks
If you love reading, watching and/or writing murder mysteries, you’ve probably heard the term “Murder Book” somewhere along the way. It’s an American term for what equates to a single case file that has many different elements in play.

Considering the police solve crimes by using a Murder Book, it’s a very handy set up for a writer of mysteries that involve murder, though it could also be created to solve many other crimes as well.

In 4-weeks we’ll convert any idea you have for writing a murder mystery – and this includes a historical one in any country or era where methodological procedures were or could have been used. This is breaking down the various elements that become your plotted case.

Among the things we’ll talk about (and include) are crime scene pictures (ours will be descriptions but think of the colorful words we could use to paint them), evidence at the scene, any tech involved in studying that evidence, and the people and questions asked of them by an officer as the case begins to come together.

If mayhem that results in a character’s death is right up your dark, narrow alley, then come ready to do some heavy-duty sleuthing!
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Beth Daniels
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Mar 4, 2024 at 9:00 AM
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Apr 1, 2024 at 12:50 AM
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Latest reviews

I found this class to be very rich in information and helpful. Beth is a great instructor and very encouraging. She can critique without being critical--an essential skill.
This class had so much good information. I love all the details she put in each lesson. I will be using this in my future books in my cozy mystery series.
Neat approach to creating the outline of a murder mystery. Would be nice to see some actual content of a murder book, sanitized of course.