Goal Setting for 2020 with Leslie Dow

Business Goal Setting for 2020 with Leslie Dow

I’ve had so many failures at keeping on track with my goals that I doubted this class would make a difference for me. Luckily, I was wrong. Leslie’s honesty about her struggle with goals was refreshing and has clearly led her to a highly informed way of helping others. Leslie led me to boil down my goal to its essence: establish and maintain a consistent writing practice. From there I came up with modest 5-day-a-week goals that I have been able to keep to in 2020. When I accomplish my daily goals, I allow myself to feel satisfied. If I do more writing in a day, it’s just a bonus. Per Leslie, I know in the back of my mind that if I stop reaching my goals, it’s time to readjust my goals instead of beating myself up. These tweaks in mindset have already made a big difference for me; and greatly reduced the notion that I’m not doing enough, quickly enough. I’m thrilled that this course also introduced me to the Savvy Authors’ 2020 monthly goals accountability group. I’m excited to try out this tool!