How to Craft a Mystery/Thriller with L.C. Hayden

Genre-Mystery-Crime How to Craft a Mystery/Thriller with L.C. Hayden

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  1. Characters
  2. Description/Setting
  3. Genre
  4. Plotting
  5. Worldbuilding
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The book world offers its readers a variety of mysteries. Some are good, some not so good, and some are excellent. What makes the difference? It all begins with its foundation: learning how to craft a successful mystery. An award winning mystery/thriller author will show you how a successful author accomplishes this. Some of the points she will cover include

· What are the different types of mysteries you can choose from

· Where to get ideas

· The process of plotting

· How to achieve the perfect story structure

· How to develop your own style

· Doing research successfully

· Handling background, location, and setting successfully

· Learning about the classic structure of the mystery novel

· How to depict violence

· Handling plot devices such as clues and red herrings

· Setting up a perfect opening

· Following it up with a perfect middle

· The perfect ending

· Revisions
LC Hayden
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Oct 18, 2021 at 9:00 AM
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Oct 31, 2021 at 6:00 PM
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