How to Craft a Mystery/Thriller with L.C. Hayden

Genre-Mystery-Crime How to Craft a Mystery/Thriller with L.C. Hayden

The structure of this class was well-though out. L.C. also provided examples and suggestions in the class lecture that I hadn't thought of before and which really helped me either rethink my plot or consider something new. Her comments were very encouraging and I believe together with the instructions and her feedback, I can write my next mystery much faster and with more confidence. I highly recommend taking this class if offered again, and I look forward to other classes taught by L.C.!
I found this class to be both informative and fun! I would recommend a similar class taught by L.C. Hayden to anyone.
This course is very clear to follow and very informative for any writer looking to write a mystery or a thriller. L.C. Hayden used great examples to make her point and I feel, as an experienced writer of romance and historical fiction, that I've learned quite a lot that will be useful as I begin writing a mystery series. Very grateful for the information and can recommend this course. Many thanks and best wishes.