Just Finish the Damn Book with Lisa J. MacDonald

Craft Just Finish the Damn Book with Lisa J. MacDonald

Excellent, very advanced college-level class. Lisa is spectacular--very knowledgeable--and she makes you work hard. You'll need to buy the specific textbook she uses to benefit the most, and you'll need to read the short stories several times. But the best part is that you will write fresh material, and Lisa and the group will give you feedback on how to make your POV more like that in the story studied. There is way more to POV than simply sticking in a first-person or a third-person narrator. Is your narrator an eavesdropper? Is he a liar? Is he imparting memoir? Why is the narrator fascinated by the story he is telling? You'll learn very specific narrative styles that you can experiment with and include in your writer's toolbox in years to come. This course will also make you a better reader, too. Thank you, Lisa. "See you" again at Savvyauthors.com soon.
In the course Just Finish the Damn Book, Lisa Peck gave great strategies to motivate us and teach us how to motivate ourselves to stick to our goal of writing. She had intense, different material in the area of creativity to read, gave us homework questions to reflect on, helped us shape plans and solve individual blocks. What I liked most was her different, appropriate feedback for each situation. I learned from all of her suggestions, even those aimed at other participants. She is patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend anything she teaches. Wow, she helped me dig back into the past and uncover blocks I didn't realize were still effecting me. Her course was amazing.