Layering: Not Just for Cakes with Chris Redding

Plot-Structure Layering: Not Just for Cakes with Chris Redding

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  1. Structure
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In this class, you will start with two pages of dialogue and transform it into a fully functioning scene. By adding each element of what needs to go into a story individually, you will see how it all makes the whole. You will also be able to add all the elements seamlessly, including description and character emotions. Instead of deconstructing a scene, you will be constructing a scene from the ground up.

Layering will teach the writer how to put all the layers into a manuscript seamlessly. We will start with a page of dialogue and each lesson will show how to add different aspects that are vital to the story.
Lesson 1: Characters - I will talk about description, which includes physical and emotional and the characters’ background and how to integrate this into the story.

Lesson 2: Character emotions - The student will learn how to show the character’s emotions without telling, through dialogue and body movement.

Lesson 3: Body Language - I will teach about non-verbal communication and how to put it into the story. This will show the character’s personality, his/her emotions and how he/she reacts to events.

Lesson 4: Setting - I will show how to make setting another character in the story.
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Nov 19, 2018 at 1:00 AM
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