Master Emotive Storytelling: How to Combine Showing Action with Effective Telling with Sandy Vaile

Craft Master Emotive Storytelling: How to Combine Showing Action with Effective Telling with Sandy Vaile

This was a very informative class. I learned a lot. Sandy will give you personalized critiques. I recommend this instructor.
Love, love, love this class! Highly recommend and worth every penny. The content was appropriate; I appreciate how the instructor broke each aspect of the class down and made is accessible. She provided examples which I think are fantastic, it really helps the learner to put into practice the tips. Sandy was very involved in providing quality feedback and asking great questions that spurred me to think deeper about the WIP. Overall, I look forward to taking more classes with Savvy Authors and especially Sandy Vaile!
This was a great class! Thouroughly enjoyed it and the feedback received was so helpful. I'm marking it down because I felt it was rushed. There was just no time to read all my classmates work and comment which was disappointing. But overall a great course and would recommend it.
Sandy's classes are excellent. Amazing lectures, practical tips and superb, priceless exercise feedback. I highly recommend this class and instructor.
Whenever I asked about backstory, my writing friends all said "That's easy! Don't use too much backstory!" And there I stood, wondering "How much is too much?" Waited over a year for a backstory class to come along, and boy, did I hit the mother lode! God and SavvyAuthors could tell I was desperate. Sandy Vaile took my hand and led me through the dark backstory tunnel. I saw the light! Sandy's presentation was precise and entertaining. And there I had thought dribbling was just for basketball players. By equating backstory with spices like chili powder, I realized that I had been guilty of choking my potential readers with info dump. That's a felony in Texas, right? Seriously, Sandy did a powerful job of explaining the what, when, where and how much of backstory. She responded to our homework with thoroughness and welcomed questions. Now I can tick backstory off my writing worry list. One question for SavvyAuthors. Will you please consider offering Sandy's other classes? Especially "Show Don't Tell Is Like A Layer Cake" and "Hook 'em and Hang 'em". Thanks, Sandy!