Mentoring and Coaching with Editorial Director and Author June Diehl

Writing Life Mentoring and Coaching with Editorial Director and Author June Diehl

I found the course very helpful. June offered a lot of insight and helped me to think about my characters in new and different ways.
I found this course ( Writing the Emotional Journey) very helpful in giving more depth to the characters and keeping emotions front and centre throughout the story rather than just at major plot points.

Her insightful comments and questions about how my characters were feeling at the weak point of the story got me unstuck! I’d been unable to fix the wimpy act 3 for so long I’d become bored of it and ready to give up on it. So a big thanks to June because I now have a satisfactory ending to my story.

I also liked the fact that the exercises give you the chance to use a story you know and your own writing to apply her input. Unfortunately because I had too much going on outside the course, I just did the exercises to improve this one particular story I’d been stuck on.

June refers to the Hero’s Journey structure as a basis for the course. I am familiar with it but did not feel my story fit that format. Nevertheless, I could still weave her input on mood, setting, weather, etc to build emotions for the reader. I also really appreciate the list of everything we can use to give a story more depth and emotion as a reminder. I will be printing it out and keeping it handy.
I've been working with June for a while now. She's very supportive and encouraging.
Personally I found this class disappointing. Submitted material wasn't really critiqued. Was told how great everything was. I'm sure instructor knows the craft and is very talented, but I learned nothing. Sorry
I've been working with June for a while now and she's been so helpful and supportive. Even when I'm feeling stuck she's great with brainstorming and advice.
June was always supportive and helpful when I wanted to brainstorm ideas for my stories. I always enjoy working with her.
This is my first course with Savvy Authors. I was really impressed with the content June prepared and her encouraging and insightful feedback. I learned a lot about the dystopian genre, and her exercises really helped me to deepen my characters and story. What an amazing workshop!
Thanks June for your great insight into my world. I enjoyed this class. Your suggestions make sense and I will incorporate them. Zach is new so I appreciate your comments about him and about enlarging or engaging? Jason's POV in various situations in the story. Thanks again for your thoughts and assessment of my world.
I've taken workshops offered by June and have been in her mentoring program several times. She is amazing to work! Her classes are always insightful. You can't ask for anyone better as a writing coach! Thank you, June, for everything.
I've been working with June for a while now and she's been extremely helpful. She's great at supporting writers as they develop their stories.
I've taken classes from June in the past. She has excellent lectures and her exercises make me dig down deep. This class helped me with revising my MS as a whole. Her comments are always encouraging.
June is the best!

She helped me to see that my first book was not meant to be hidden in a drawer somewhere, never to see the light of day. That there was a good base, with the seeds to make it better.

As we reviewed my manuscript, she helped me to see some of my bad habits. Such as head hopping in some of my scenes. She is patient and thorough, as well as being an absolute joy to work with.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend using her services.
June provided tons of ideas, quite a bunch of useful links and always some questions, hints and tips to dive deeper - she'll lead you walking your own path
I've worked with June for quite a while now. She's been extremely helpful in supporting me in my writing. Her mentoring has been a positive influence on my work.
P. June Diehl is a wonderful coach. She listened so carefully to my concerns and made truly creative, helpful suggestions that I've implemented in my writing. I was really pleased to have the chance to work with her.
Brilliant class that motivates.
Suggests such a variety of information and ideas in the lessons and the feedback that it makes it a joy to figure out what works best.
Excellent class with a ton of useful information. Great feedback and new ideas to help organize and keep everything consistent in a series.
I've had June as my mentor before and she has always been encouraging. She's been a huge help for me getting my books completed and published.
This was one of the best investments I ever made. What a bargain! I was blown away by how much time and attention June gave me and my work. For twelve weeks, I had a strong author ally walking the path with me. I got some great feedback and great advice and the confidence to move ahead with my project. Book coach and writing therapist all rolled into one. And she is the nicest person you'll ever meet. I wish I could give her ten stars!
June was very patient and caring. I enjoyed our sessions together. She offered tips and suggestions that were appropriate for me and provided materials that she believed would be beneficial for my circumstances. Great class.