Novel Writing 101: From Concept to Story Arc with Terri Main

New for 2018 Novel Writing 101: From Concept to Story Arc with Terri Main

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Characters, Structure, Plotting
Every novel begins with a concept. Taking that concept all the way through to a workable idea for a novel takes work. Even before you begin working on fleshing out characters, developing a plot, building the world of your story, you must have a robust concept for the story. In this course, you will learn how to turn your basic idea into a solid story arc you can use to build the rest of your story.

Topics Include:
  • Pre-Writing: What it is, and What it means to you
  • Finding story ideas
  • The difference between a story idea and a story concept
  • Shaking hands with your protagonist
  • A first look at your fictional world
  • The twenty-five word bridge between idea and novel: Creating a story concept or premise
  • Creating a Story Arc
Homework assignments will guide you through the process. You will receive feedback from your instructor at each stage.
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