One Scene a Day

Writing Life One Scene a Day

Great class! Highly recommend! Dawn was positive, organized, and did an excellent job of communicating with us. Will be looking for other classes by her!
Learning Dawn's step by step process was so very helpful! I have been able to adapt it to my own writing going forward. Also, the worksheets and craft lessons were well thought out and composed. Thank you!
I highly recommend this event. Excellent class, supplies all the necessary tools/methods to overcome one's inability to go forward to complete a work in progress. The lessons are insightful and touch upon all obstacles encountered to impede success, I benefitted tremendously from this event. Thank You!
I really enjoyed this boot camp. It kept me accountable, and helped develop a system that pushed for words. Some days were more. Some days a lot less. But it all added up. My day job did interfere as hours became demanding towards the end. But this camp gave me a great head start. I loved the lessons and class participation. I got great tips from both. I would love to participate in more events given by Dawn. She is super motivating and down to earth.
I really enjoyed the frequent tips and posts. They were helpful and often included information I hadn't hear before. I didn't keep up as well as I'd hoped because I was taking two other classes. LOL What I would suggest for future month-long events is a few days to a week of related prep. For example, posts about creating characters, villains, and plotting are needed before you start the month, so you are ready to jump in writing on day 1.
I loved the accountability of this event which kept me going even though my life was a little chaotic. The lessons/lectures were interesting. I forgot to download them. But I have the worksheets which are a extremely useful in focusing my writing/editing.
I love the structure of the class and all the information Dawn gave. I wasn't able to participate during the class but I plan to use all the lessons now. I love the idea of doing a scene a day.

I am looking forward to seeing what other classes Dawn will have.

Thank you for this amazing workshop!
I thought Dawn's lectures were very informative and I liked the structure of this workshop. I didn't get to participate because there were too many other things going on but if offered again in the future I would not hesitate to sign up.
While my day job and the added stresses of the corona virus pandemic prevented me from participating to the level I had hoped, I found the structure of this workshop and daily steps to be incredibly helpful. I printed off the lectures and plan to apply the lessons to my future stories. Thank you, Dawn, for putting together an amazing class. I highly recommend this course!
Dawn was great. The worksheets were very helpful. I liked the approach of just concentrating on one scene at a time to make sure it had necessary elements.
Dawn provided great writing guidelines and encouragement to help me reach my daily goals. Although I didn't have much spare time to engage, I still used her process to make my writing time count.
This bootcamp was fantastic. Writing can feel so lonely--and this session really took away that stigma--and offered information, too. I highly recommend it to any writer.
One of the best classes I've taken at Savvy Authors! The formula for editing was one I hadn't heard before and have found incredibly helpful. On top of that, there were twelve lessons, all of which were informative and valuable, and a daily accountability check-in. I also enjoyed the other participants sharing. Instructor was so supportive and quick to lend support and answer questions. I can't recommend the class and instructor enough!