Plot a Romance in 2 Weeks with Landra Graf

Genre-Romance Plot a Romance in 2 Weeks with Landra Graf

This class was excellent. I've had other plotting classes elsewhere and none were as concise, step-by step and all encompassing as this one. Now, I can see the error in my ways in draft manuscripts and works in progress. The power point lessons and worksheets were useful and a great reference tool I will continue to use. The instructor feedback was very helpful to strengthen my WIP. I highly recommend this course and instructor.
I like the format that Landra Graf presented the information and it was helpful and easy to follow. Great class!
This class has a quick pace since we're trying to plot a book in two weeks. Landra Graf was very responsive during the course and provided great feedback. I thought the lecture material was presented in a way that was easy to understand and follow. She also provided examples for us to refer to as we worked on our assignments. She set up deadlines for assignments to keep us from falling behind during the course which I found useful. I had some things come up and wasn't able to submit all my assignments on time. I appreciate Landra being understanding and providing feedback on the late assignments. This was a great class.
Landra's class was not only full of great information (we are talking beautiful workbooks) but Landra gave great feedback and was opened to questions. I am truly hoping she gives more classes so I can take them.

If you are a beginner or just need some extra help give yourself the gift of taking a class with Landra!
I am not a plotter, but a discovery writer. I took the class to better organize myself and streamline the writing process. This class did a great job of providing a framework that works well for plotting and pantsing. The feedback was fast, specific, and very helpful. Awesome class!