Reading Like A Writer with Landra Graf

Writing Life Reading Like A Writer with Landra Graf

I didn't get to participate due to other commitments, but I've since gone through the assignments and it is great information.
Really enjoyed your class. Landra Graf showed me again why it's so important to read when you write. She also gave me good ideas as to how to improve my writing by analyzing books that I've enjoyed reading and still think of them with fondness. Looking for hooks, humor, fear, tears, etc. helped me to more accurately pinpoint WHY I like a book - or a movie, for that matter. Thank you very much.
Landra Graf's Mini Intensive presentation, Reading Like a Writer, has provided me with ways to analysis the books I love and ones in the genre I write in. With her guidelines, I can now compare my WIP to see if I am hitting the marks I want to incorporate.