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The Tarot deck is another useful tool for writers that can be used in a multitude of ways from story idea generation to character creation to evolving story events (plotting). Writers do not necessarily need to know the meanings of the cards to use them for storytelling.

You do not need to have access to a Tarot deck as there are several card generators online that can be used in place of having access to a physical Tarot deck.

The writer will use the information from the workshop with new and/or current writing projects. Exercises will be assigned for each lesson and I will be providing feedback.

NOTE: We will not cover individual card meanings, although that might be mentioned in passing, as the focus is more on the visual aspects of the cards and the writer’s intuition of what that card means to him or her and for the story.
Lesson 1 - Tarot basics, how to pick a Tarot deck, and the different spreads that can be used
Lesson 2 - Use of the Tarot cards in story idea generation
Lesson 3 - How to use Tarot cards to create characters, Part 1
Lesson 4 – How to use Tarot cards to create characters, Part 2
Lesson 5 - Using Tarot cards to discover setting and story world elements
Lesson 6 - Using Tarot cards in establishing story events (plotting the story)
Lesson 7 - Other ways to use Tarot cards: Brainstorming story elements
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Latest reviews

Very informative and helpful class. And June is a great teacher, as always.
I wasn't able to participate as I would have liked, but I'll use the lessons to
practice Tarot.
Great class! Ideas and strategies well researched and documented. Lots of useful information. All in all, fabulous! Thank you, Instructor June Diehl!
The information was great. It will be a good resource down the road.