The Author and the IRS with Registered IRS Tax Preparer Jim Brown

Webinar The Author and the IRS with Registered IRS Tax Preparer Jim Brown

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When you are an author you have income from sales. You will have some expenditure too. The more marketing and personal involvement you have, the more expenditure (and hopefully sales!) you will have. This course outlines and explains the options you may have at your disposal for declaring income and expenditure in your annual tax return, and the records you need to keep, whether you file yourself or have someone file for you.

Webinar is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. EDT
Learn the different options available to authors for filing taxes;
  • Income
  • Expenditure
  • Depreciation of assets
  • Travel to conferences/conventions/events
  • Filing options
  • Hobby Income
  • Schedule C filing
  • and more.
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