The Body Language of Love with Cassiel Knight

New for 2017 The Body Language of Love with Cassiel Knight

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Even when we don’t speak a word, our bodies are talking. Every movement says ten things about us. For many, this is partly what makes romantic situations so difficult. The other party is picking up your interest, or lack of, without most of us realizing it’s happening.

In this workshop, Cassie Knight will teach writers how to craft the body’s language of love into their writing. She’ll show:

  • What is body language and how it works
  • How to use body language to show dating and relating
  • How men look at woman and how women look at men (breasts or butt?)
  • How to use the show the romantic relationship from the start (the glance) to the finish (sex)

Writers will finish workshop with the tools to show the body’s “speech” between men and women and how to take their writing to another level to bring readers into the heart of the romantic relationship.
Cassie Knight
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Very little material in this workshop, poorly organized, started late, finished late, big gaps in between which resulted in very little discussion.