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The Book Factory: Producing Multiple Novels in One Year with author and editor Kerri Nelson

Craft The Book Factory: Producing Multiple Novels in One Year with author and editor Kerri Nelson

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Do you ever think there’s not enough hours in the day to find time to write?
Do you have a full time job distracting you from your real passion of being a novelist?
Are family responsibilities weighing you down and interfering with your writing goals?

I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT ALL and DO IT SUCCESSFULLY!

In 2009, I successfully managed one husband, two jobs, three children, a difficult pregnancy, AND still managed to write twelve books, sell ten of those books (including all the editing and promotion), and coped with other various life challenges thrown in just for fun!

How did I do all of that and still find time to eat and sleep?
I developed a method of writing known as “The Book Factory Method”. It does require commitment and desire to “get it done”. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can produce multiple books in one year.

What’s the benefit of completing multiple books in one year?
The more books you have ready to submit, the more chance you’ll receive contract offers on one or more of those books.

Why shouldn’t you just focus on one book and continue polishing that book all year long?
The cold, hard truth is that you might not ever sell that one specific book. You should always have more than one project “in the works”.

Are you one of those writers who starts multiple projects but never finishes any of them?
Then this class is for you as well. We’ll talk about how to finally see those projects through to completion.

Have trouble with time management or procrastination?
We’ll address methods for getting organized and staying focused.
Plus much, much more!

If you want to learn how to get started, stay on track, and get those books ready to submit…this workshop puts a method to the madness of novel writing.
Kerri Nelson
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Loved this class. Kerri had great information, that was useful and gave great advice. She helped the class set very attainable goals. And was a pleasure to work with. I would strongly suggest fellow writers to take this class if it is offered again.
This was a great class. The lessons and exercises met my expectations. The instructor, Kerri Nelson, was knowledgeable and enthusiastic and encouraging. I learned a few new strategies to focus and get more writing completed. Strategies and exercises were manageable and sustainable. I would recommend this class for those who are struggling with multiple time demands. I also recommend this instructor with great enthusiasm.
Great information and instruction. Much and varied class participation.