The Writer's Guide to AI

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We’ve all heard and read about it. How it will change our life and writing how it is already. But what is scare, what is hype, what is reality, threat, and opportunity? In the new frontier of deep fakes, how do we know what is real and where can we go to find information that we can trust?

In this 5-video series, Leslie Dow Ph.D., SavvyAuthors Site Director, software development process, and cybersecurity professional cut through the chaff about AI and what it means for you as an author.
In these videos, we will discuss the state of the art in mid-2023 for:
  • History and background around AI.
    • Terms, experts, and evolution
    • How did AI start and where is it going
  • Current survey of AI capabilities
    • What it does
    • What does it not do
    • Likely near futures
  • Commercial AI services for writers
    • Survey of AI offerings for writers
    • Places to get excellent reviews of services
    • Leveraging AI to stay competitive
  • Industry trends
    • Ethics of using AI
    • How are the industry leaders like Amazon responding
  • Future of AI
    • Where do industry leaders see it going next?
    • What does this mean for us as authors?
Every month Leslie provides an updated take on how AI is impacting users and what writers can expect in the future and now of AI.
Class Format
This class is a blended video and message-based class. Each lesson contains a pre-recorded video, text-based worksheets, and discussion threads. You may access the videos any time during the class

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Jun 26, 2023 at 9:00 AM
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