Three Pass Edit Webinar Series with Liz Pelletier

Editing Three Pass Edit Webinar Series with Liz Pelletier

So much actionable advice. I took pages of notes, and I've been writing for years! I went in hoping for a gold nugget or two of information. Instead, I'm leaving with a handfuls. Very excited I took this class! Was a last minute decision, and one I don't regret.
After a few bugs, in the beginning, everything ran quite smoothly. Liz sure knows her stuff and I really appreciate the examples she gave as that is how I learn best. Thank you.
I found this webinar extremely helpful. Liz broke down the first pass edit very clearly and offered some amazing tips which I will be putting to practice in my editing process. I always feel a class or workshop is worth your time and money if you can come away with at least one new tip and I came away with several!
Liz gave great tips for spotting and fixing what's wrong with characters, pacing, and saleable appeal. So much valuable information shared in a simple-to-understand style. Thanks for this webinar.
Excellent class with a ton of highly informative and extremely important information. Absolute standout in terms of what to know as a writer, as an editor, and how to fix things when we spot them.
This is an incredibly valuable class of tips and tricks for self-editing any book, any genre. I love Liz's candor and humor, and the peeks she gives inside her personal work with authors & the books she loves.
This webinar was so much more than how to edit - it was how to build a best seller. Jam packed with actionable information. Thank you!