Unbreak your query by fixing these five bad things with Patrick Hopkins

Business Unbreak your query by fixing these five bad things with Patrick Hopkins

This class/workshop exceeded all my expectations. Not only is the course material spot on and easily understood but the instructor, Patrick supported each and every person with multiple rounds of feedback. His advice is to the point, while being encouraging. He deserves an A+++, Savvy Authors award for true (maybe over the top) commitment to mentoring writers and doing it well!
Patrick is a query genius and I can't say enough good things about this course. The personalized feedback was wonderful and Patrick helped every step of the way until my query was something I could have never imagined creating on my own. He took the time to really help me understand what areas needed attention while also pointing out which spots of my query worked. I learned so much invaluable information from this course and the included lecture material. I highly recommend Patrick and this workshop to any writer struggling to craft a polished query!
I can't say enough about this course. Patrick created extremely easy to follow lessons and provided real time feedback working through my query. He knows his stuff and works very hard to get you a polished final product. His one on one was excellent.
Patrick did an amazing job! He spent so much time on my query, and it wasn't just canned information. Very specific! Very helpful.
Patrick konws the craft, and he is an expert in it. The lessons were easy to understand and follow, and working with him 1:1 was a wonderful experience. My query is tons better, and I learned a lot. I highly recommend him!
Patrick has hands-down given me the best not only query advice but also writing advice. He knows the industry, has more than done his research and provides detailed feedback from an almost omniscient perspective. I learned a lot not only from the content but also from his 1:1 support. This class is a must for any aspiring authors wanting to perfect their craft, not just their query.
If you've ever struggled with a query letter, this class is for you! Patrick goes the extra mile to help you whip your query letter into shape. Highly recommended.
Superb! I wasn't sure I was going to learn a lot from this class because there are scads of online articles for better query writing, but this was hands down the best writing class I've taken and the best resource for better query writing. Patrick knows what works and knows what wording makes a query sing. His class addressed verbiage and tone and was very specific. It is absolutely what every query writer needs - beginner or advanced. Patrick was very hands-on and gave each student a lot of instruction.
This query editing class was amazing. The way Patrick Hopkins tackles common query problems in bite-size lessons really helped me drill down on problem areas, and our final one-on-one session turned my bloated query into a polished gem. I look forward to taking more classes with Patrick in the future.
This was a great workshop and Patrick did an amazing job giving consistent feedback to improve my query. I’m very impressed with how much time and energy he put into this and sincerely appreciate his assistance. I can genuinely see such a huge difference between my original query and my current one. He pushed me to think about things within my story I hadn’t considered before and it truly helped. I’m extremely grateful for this experience and opportunity.
Fantastically helpful course. Patrick has endless patience and boundless energy for attention to detail. In the class you refine your current query, but you walk away with skills you will apply to every query you ever write.
Great insights into how to fix a query! You just see that Patrick knows his stuff. Thanks for this intensive!
Patrick is friendly and informative. I learned a lot and hope the lessons will create a positive query experience, especially since I haven't had one yet. I'm giving 4 stars only because it was not my definition of intensive as advertised. Otherwise, this is a great class with a lot of info.