Writing the YA Paranormal with June Diehl

Craft Writing the YA Paranormal with June Diehl

Fabulous class! Very easy to follow. Excellent food for thought given in the form
of questions pertaining to my story idea. I’m glad I took the course and would
gladly take another one with this instructor.
I found the information presented both interesting and helpful. It allowed me to pinpoint the 'flaws' in my current WIP and gave ways to correct them. The lessons were well thought out and easy to understand.

The biggest problem with this class is the time of year it took place in. With all the family gatherings, the shopping, and the general hub-bub around Christmas time, I sometimes felt rushed to get the lessons in.

Overall, I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.
Lots of great info from POV to setting. The examples were helpful