Yes, You Can Enjoy Writing Articles for Kids AND Make an Extra Stream of Income with Irene Roth

Genre Yes, You Can Enjoy Writing Articles for Kids AND Make an Extra Stream of Income with Irene Roth

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There is nothing more fun than writing short articles for kids and sending them off to potential publishers. It is fun and rewarding, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to achieve. During this workshop, I will try to instill this love of writing for kids that I have developed in each of you so that you won’t ever want to stop.

Writing for kids is literally like a breath of fresh air. It is fun and rewarding to write for kids. You can decide whether you teach or inspire kids in your articles. I will show you the difference in this workshop, and how you can decide which type of articles to write.

There is quite a market for children’s articles. These articles are usually no more than 500 words each and many of them are around 300 words or so. I will show you how to look up writer’s guidelines for each magazine that you plan to write for and to decide what kind of article to write.

So, be prepared to be informed, inspired and transported into the world of a children and writing for these bright and hopeful minds.
Week 1: Getting into the Mindset of writing for kids

This week, we will look at the basics of writing for kids, from inspiration and idea generation to finding ideas to write about. It will be a fun-filled week of discovery and inspiration!

Week 2: The Kinds of Articles for Kids

This week, we will examine the types of articles you can write. There is a huge variety of topics that you could write about. This makes writing for kids very interesting and rewarding for the writer. You will also learn so much about things that you never thought about before.

Week 3: Examining Magazine Markets

This week, we will be examining the types of magazines you can send your articles to. During our time together, I will be encouraging you to start writing your first children’s article.

Week 4: Put the finishing touches on Your Article

This week, you will have a chance to finalize your article and submit it to me for assessment. If you want to write two articles in this workshop, I will give you the space and time to do so. Then you will be able to embark on your own writing path after the workshop.

There will be one live chat during the workshop. There will also be assignments each week that you will have to submit by Sunday evening. It is a workshop that you won’t soon forget. And you will learn how to write in a new genre that is fulfilling and rewarding.

See you in the workshop!
Sunny Irene Roth
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Apr 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM
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