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    No one buys a book they never heard of; you have to tell people about your book before they can buy it. Book Marketing Fundamentals contains a comprehensive inventory of essential marketing tasks and explanations on why you should use them and how to use them.
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    Business Self-publishing and Marketing a Book with Hank Quense

    The Self-publishing and Marketing a Book workshop is three weeks long and is based on my book of the same name. It offers a unique, integrated project plan that publishes and markets your book. The plan uses a six month project interval with the publishing and marketing tasks broken up into one...
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    Business Book Marketing 101 with Hank Quense

    For a new or would-be author, marketing is a vague, bewildering concept. It’s a daunting task that all authors must face. The scariest part about marketing is the plethora of choices and tactics that are possible. It’s like the author must cross a vast swampland without a map. And the swamp is...
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    Promo & Marketing Marketing Plans

    In my experience, agents and publishers want to know that a writer has a clue as to what book marketing entails. Just because someone is smart enough to write a book, doesn't mean they know how to market that book and the money agents and publishers make depends in large part on the ability of...
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    SHOUT it out! Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids

    I just finished a new lecture series called Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids. It has three story ideas in it and each story idea is expanded to show kids how to create a story. It uses color-coded text boxes to focus the kids creativity and collect their ideas. The regular price is $19.99...
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    SHOUT it out! Out of that turkey-induced stupor, who's writing?

    On February 14, I’ll spend the day in Norwood (NJ) school giving my Fiction Wriitng Workshop for Kids to all the 7th graders. It’ll show the students how to create a story.
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    Business Self-publishing Mini-course with Hank Quense

    This workshop is targeted at writers who are thinking about self-publishing their first book, but aren’t sure where or how to start. It provides basic information on a number of important topics relevant to the self-publishing process. The topics will help you decide how to proceed with your...
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    Watercooler What are you reading this week?

    Maski: Broken but not dead b Joylene Butler
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    Genre Writing Satiric Stories with Hank Quense

    Dropping a few jokes into a story doesn't create a satiric story. To write a satiric story, one has to deliberately start out to produce such a story. In other words, the satire has to be baked into the story right from its inception. This workshop will describe a process for creating a satiric...
  10. Story Design: a series of lectures.

    Story Design: a series of lectures.

    Do you have one or more ideas for a story but aren’t sure what to do with it? Learn how to develop your idea into a story with author Hank Quense. During his Story Design series of lectures you’ll build your characters, create a plot, design the scenes and more.
  11. Self-publishing Starter Kit

    Self-publishing Starter Kit

    This Starter Kit will get you on the correct path for successful self-publishing. If you are unfamiliar with self-publishing, the Starter Kit will get you going in the right direction. There are 4 short lectures in the Kit.
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    Comment by 'hank-quense' in media 'How to Self-publish and Market a Book'

    Based on my book with the same name, this Udemy course consists of 16 lectures with many handouts. How to Self-publish and Market a Book
  13. How to Self-publish and Market a Book

    How to Self-publish and Market a Book

    Book publishing and book marketing aren’t separate projects. They have to be worked on as an integrated project. That's what this course does: it integrates ...
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    Watercooler What are you reading this week?

    The Andromeda Evolution by Daniel Wilson. It's a continuation of Michael Crichton's book. I"m about half-way through it and I won't be finishing it. The author's writing style is very annoying. He switches tense in mid-paragraph and makes authorial intrusions abut what is going on.