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    Homework Layout Principles

    I think this is a beautiful layout. It's using the rule of thirds and has the important information (author and title) at the top and bottom respectively.
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    Homework Homework - Fonts

    1. I like this book cover font: 2. I think a simple font isn't effective if it doesn't fit the genre you're writing.
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    Lecture Welcome, Textbook, instructions for this course, and introductions

    Hello! I'm Hollie, a writer in Chicago. I've just started an erotica series, and I'd been considering buying premade covers, then I saw this class and thought I'd try to make my own, and if it turns out I suck at it, at least I'll have learned a few things.
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    Question Conflicting critiques

    I wouldn't believe anyone who tells you an absolute. You have to take all the advice and run it through your own filter. Neil Gaiman has a great quote: “When people tell you something's wrong or doesn't work for them, they are almost always right. When they tell you exactly what they think is...
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    Discussion What comes first? Plot or Character

    I always start with a concept or idea, then work with plot and character in tandem. I would like to do more character work in advance. Mostly I learn as I go, which is very inefficient.
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    Lecture 1 Welcome and Intro -- Read This First

    Hello! I'm a PC user from Chicago. My Word skill is around 7. I'm new to self-publishing. My first novel is with an editor for the first pass, and I hope to publish it in March of next year. Thanks for this class!! Hollie
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    Moderator Note Just a short note....

    She was AMAZING!!!
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    Discussion Welcome/Greetings

    I don't know if these messages still send since the class closed, but I just learned about this new plotting software that has Romancing the Beat as one of the templates. It's pretty cool. If anyone is interested in checking it out, here is a link: Plottr: Easy to Use Software to Visualize Your...
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    Intros & Newbies Socializing, how . . . extroverted

    Welcome, @Andrew Adams ! I would also love some doughnut holes...or doughnuts...or most kinds of pastries. It's great that you're reaching out and looking for community and support. I've been part of a critique group for a few years now and the feedback is invaluable. The first few times are...
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    Lecture Scene of the Paranormal Crime Lecture #7 Monday May 25th

    I have two protagonists, one is a "professional," the supernatural equivalent of a detective, the other will turn out to be a very gifted newbie drawn into the professional's team. The crimes will be a series of murders that are the result of summoned demons seeming to go "rogue," killing the...
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    Not sure it's a series. I don't think I'll know until I get deep inside, if I want to continue.
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    Definitely worth thunking about. My original plan was to have the jealous rival get the knife and try to use it to kill the protagonist's guardian, forcing the protagonist to have to banish her guardian herself with a regular banishing knife in order to keep him from being completely vanquished...
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    In my novel, my protagonist, with the help of her demon guardian/buddy, figure out how to vanquish (kill) demons instead of just banishing them (returning them to their realm). It's done with a salt infused iron knife imbued with fire magic (she's half fire witch and half lust demon). Not all...
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    Lecture Scene of the Paranormal Crime Lecture #4 Thursday May 14th

    What they are: Shifter-sorcerers - used to be shape shifters, five types based off apex predators: wolves, tigers, orcas, eagles, komodo dragons. Downsides: Locked into the personality/social structures of their animals. They are the superior race and heads of the supernatural community, but...
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    Lecture SCENE OF THE PARANORMAL CRIME Lect #2 Thursday, May 7th

    I hadn't thought much yet about the other team members, but it's easy enough to make one of them an expert in forensics and one an expert in pathology. That will be fun. Right now, my female MC does have a weapon that will kill any demon permanently, though she has to be in close proximity to...