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    Research Lock and Load: Make Your Characters Aim True & Shoot Straight with sniper, P.I., & cop Jimmy Morris

    If your character needs a gun, you need to know what they need and why. Jimmy will help you to arm your character realistically. He will give you, A lesson on past and present guns—handguns to rifles, What to use and when, How to PROPERLY load, hold, aim, and shoot, The kind of ammo and...
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    Craft No Flying Body Parts: Learn to Create Realistic Fight Scenes with Jimmy Morris

    POW! WHAM! ZAP! Is your hero throwing a left hook with his right hand? Is your heroine kicking that demon with the heel of both stilettos and then landing upright on her feet? Knowing what actually happens in a real fight will make your characters' battles realistic, even if they sport vampire...
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    Research Choose the RIGHT Poison to Murder Your Fictional Characters with Sniper, PI, and Cop Jimmy Morris

    A discussion of appropriate poisons with which to murder your fictional characters, with a list of some of the best (lesser known) poisons and their symptoms and results. Jimmy will discuss, The kind of poisons writers use, A history up to the present on famous cases and popular poisons, A...
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    New for 2018 Act Like a Heroine - Drink, Drive and Drop from Buildings with Jimmy Morris

    All the action movie stuff you've always wanted your characters to do - from holding your liquor to driving like a racing champ to climbing and jumping - how to write action!
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    New for 2018 Shoot Like A Boss - Weapons from Lipstick to Glocks with Jimmy Morris

    What you need to know about weapons and how to shoot them. The right kind of gun for your heroine/hero, the right kind of ammo and the right way to shoot it (hint: holding it sideways like a gangster makes it really hard to aim).
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    New for 2018 Think Like a Cop/PI - How to Recognize and Outwit the Bad Guys with Jimmy Morris

    Investigative techniques, tools and how to put your character in the mindset of solving crimes.
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    New for 2018 Fight Like a Girl - Offend and Defend with Jimmy Morris

    The way a body moves in a fight, when it's appropriate to fight offensively and how, and when you need to be on the defensive and how.
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    Series Writing the Action Heroine Series with Jimmy Morris

    Fight Like a Girl - Offend and Defend - 7/9-7/22/18 The way a body moves in a fight, when it's appropriate to fight offensively and how, and when you need to be on the defensive and how. Think Like a Cop/PI - How to Recognize and Outwit the Bad Guys - 8/13-8/26/18 Investigative techniques...
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    Genre Supernatural Scoundrels and How to Write Them: Demons, Vampires & Werewolves, Oh, My! w/Jimmy Morris

    From werewolves and vampires to demons and angels, we will talk about what you know, and what you don't, about "things" that go bump in the night. Come sit by the fireside and listen to stories about creatures who have become famous in movies, TV and books - from Dracula to Edward, Frankenstein...
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    New for 2018 Unlock the Lore of Witches and Witchcraft with Jimmy Morris

    Feared and admired, witches have been a part of story-telling for a long time. What do you know about witches and witchcraft? Let's explore their types and tools, spells and charms, myths and legends, and facts and fiction to discover how magic can make your story shine.
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    New for 2018 A Ghosthunter's Guide with Jimmy Morris

    A how-to class on what you need to be a ghosthunter, what to look for, what those sounds and signs mean. There are lots of shows out there like T.A.P.S. and Paranormal Lockdown, but what do real ghosthunters do when the camera is not on and there's no one watching?
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    New for 2018 Cemetery Signs and Grave Sites with Jimmy Morris

    How about what those strange figures and hieroglyphs mean on gravestones and mausoleums? Even the shapes of certain grave monuments and stones have meaning to those in the know. Learn how a grave can tell the story of the person within or a story of the family or something else you might want...
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    New for 2018 Ghosts and Hauntings - Famous and Infamous Stories with Jimmy Morris

    Ghost tales have started off many a story, and there are some you've heard of, but many you haven't. Lord George Byron, the renowned poet, challenged some friends to write ghostly tales on a weekend getaway. From that challenge, Mary Shelley wrote the immortal Frankenstein. So come huddle...
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    Research Ready for ZOMBIES? Learn survival techniques with sniper, P.I., cop, and survivalist Jimmy Morris

    Will you wait until the Zombies are at your door? Or until the Super Volcano in Yellowstone explodes? More importantly, do your CHARACTERS know how to save their true loves? Learn the survival techniques that you and your characters MUST HAVE if the world suddenly changed overnight in a very...
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    Research Learn the ins and outs of being or avoiding a Private Eye with sniper, PI, and cop Jimmy Morris

    Being or writing a P.I. is a lot more than just sneaking around or wiretapping phones. The details of how to track targets without being noticed, how to determine what is relevant to any investigation, and where and when suspects will appear can be critical to your story. Jimmy has years of...