Learn the Ins and Outs of Being or Avoiding a Private Eye with Jimmy Morris

Genre Learn the Ins and Outs of Being or Avoiding a Private Eye with Jimmy Morris

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Being or writing a P.I. is a lot more than just sneaking around or wiretapping phones. The details of how to track targets without being noticed, how to determine what is relevant to any investigation, and where and when suspects will appear can be critical to your story. Jimmy has years of experience as a P.I., along with his writing experience, so he knows exactly what you need to write your perfect P.I.

Jimmy will delve into private investigations and show you,

  • What a PI does,
  • The characteristics that make a GREAT and believable PI,
  • Past and present—the way technology has changed the world of the private eye,
  • How they interact with the court system and law enforcement,
  • What cases PI’s won’t touch and why.
Students are invited to submit a short scene for the instructor or the group for feedback.
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