1. P

    Craft Daring the Thresholds of Story with Paula Chaffee Scardamalia

    A threshold is any point of entering. The line between here and there. Also called limen, it is any point or line or place between what is and what will be, or between what was and what is now, often that defining moment of no return. Thresholds are important in the structure of story and are...
  2. Becky Martinez

    Craft Keeping up the Pace in Your Stories with Becky Martinez

    Readers want books that keep their interest and attention, whether it’s great characters or a great story. But how can you as the author construct your story so that it keeps the readers turning the pages? Learn some of the mechanics of pacing and different ways you can keep the story moving and...
  3. LC Hayden

    Craft Yes, You CAN Craft a Novel in 90 Days (or less) with bestselling author L.C. Hayden

    Want to pump out a well structured manuscript in less than 90 days? L.C. Hayden wants to share her first-draft blueprint with YOU. In this two-week workshop she will guide you through a series of exercises so that after you finish the workshop you can write, write, write! The importance of...