content editing

  1. terrimain

    Craft Content Editing with Terri Main

    In between macro-editing (developmental editing) and proofreading for mechanical errors lies Content editing. Macro editing focuses on the novel as a whole and the structure of entire multi-chapter segments at times. Proofreading focuses on the necessary minutia of grammar, punctuation and...
  2. Lisa Catto

    Business Making Your Social Media Content More Accessible with Lisa Catto

    Many authors think about how to make their social media more engaging to their readers, but fewer ensure their content is accessible. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have built-in tools to help you make your content available to people with disabilities that use tools like screen readers. There...
  3. Beth Daniels

    Craft Tell the Whole Story: Editing for Content with Beth Daniels

    We all hate reading through our manuscripts for grammar glitches and typos, for continuity when spelling characters’ names or the places they visit, right? It’s tough and real dog’s body work. Boring even. There’s even a tougher and yet more important editing run that needs to be done though...