Tell the Whole Story: Editing for Content with Beth Daniels

Craft Tell the Whole Story: Editing for Content with Beth Daniels

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Characters, Editing, Structure, GMC, Plotting
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We all hate reading through our manuscripts for grammar glitches and typos, for continuity when spelling characters’ names or the places they visit, right? It’s tough and real dog’s body work. Boring even.

There’s even a tougher and yet more important editing run that needs to be done though, and that’s for story content.

It’s making sure all the tangled threads of things said, done, planned, etc. that haven’t been brought to a satisfactory conclusion have been caught and dealt with.

You know why this is the hardest part? Because we, as the authors, know why these things have happened and frequently miss that we haven’t explained things to the reader.

We get caught up in the story, with standing alongside our characters as they solve crimes, fall in love, have near brushes with death. It’s hard to step back from all that fun!

But it's necessary, and so in four weeks let’s see what we can catch or decide what needs to be changed, dropped, rearranged, explained better. Brought to that satisfactory conclusion!

Sometimes the things to be found are glaring, other times so subtle it’s difficult to even see their shadow. They can come in all sizes, involve characters that aren’t getting the big paycheck but without whom the story would not be THIS story.

It takes gritted teeth and being able to realize when you’re enjoying the story rather than making it the best darn story you’ve ever told! You can do it though. All it takes is some guidelines. And that’s what this workshop is all about. Come with completed manuscript in hand…or outline, synopsis…what have you. This is serious business!
Beth Daniels
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Jul 1, 2019 at 9:00 AM
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Excellent class, very helpful on tracking the threads of various story lines and assuring full completion. Beth was terrific and very responsive to any and all questions, is incredibly experienced! Highly recommend this class!