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    As a djinn River Pomeroy should have been healed after he nearly died at the hands of his kidnappers but something still wasn’t right. A sense of doom he can’t escape and a meeting with a hooded man confirms his worst fear, he’s enthralled by a wish his sister Tempe exchanged for a new genie...
  2. When Darkness Falls 200x300.jpg

    When Darkness Falls 200x300.jpg

    When Darkness Falls is a 16th century paranormal romance trilogy in an Arabian Nights style setting, a remote desert city nestled between the Safavid-Persian Empire and India on the brink of the Moghul invasions. This is a longer-term project; it's basically written beginning to end, but is in...
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    WishesDreams Overview 200x300.jpg

    This is a 4-book paranormal romance series. It was a finished 3-book series, when suddenly last month I got the notion for another character who had to have her own story! So now that is Shadow Cat and is my NaNoWriMo2018 project. Book 1: Wishes in a Bottle (cursed mage) Book 2: A Gift of...