As a djinn River Pomeroy should have been healed after he nearly died at the hands of his kidnappers but something still wasn’t right. A sense of doom he can’t escape and a meeting with a hooded man confirms his worst fear, he’s enthralled by a wish his sister Tempe exchanged for a new genie bottle. That decision could have devastating consequences for his family and the rest of the Paramortals.

A violet-eyed sword-toting warrior walks into the supernatural tavern where River takes refuge. In her presence he feels a temporary lifting of his despair but it doesn’t last. She declares her mission—to kill a dragonhunter and accuses River of being in league with her target. She’s partly correct.

“Taking the villain’s head” would have worked for River earlier, effectively severing their bond and eliminating the threat to his family but that was before he knew the identity of the being who owned his soul—his long-lost brother who planned to use River to destroy their family.

With the kidnapping of Tempe and the dragon sheriff, River and the fae warrior join forces and suddenly the Paramortal family dynamic is rampant with conflicts and secrets. What is with the attraction he feels to this fae and what is the mysterious connection that goes back to the beginning of the Paramortals’ pact? Can they forgive the atrocities of the past to defeat their common enemy or will ancient family secrets tear the Paramortals apart forever?
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