ebook formatting

  1. Allie McCormack

    Manuscript Formatting The Book Khaleesi

    They provide a pretty complete selection of services, from proofreading to more thorough editing. They offer formatting for eBooks and paperbacks; both straight-forward formatting to overall book design. They do cover design, as well as banners (moving and still) and book trailers (clips vs...
  2. Luanna Nau02e

    Manuscript Formatting Seaside Publications

    From their website: Self-publishing your book means dealing with a lot of details. Let Nina take the headache out of the final steps of putting your digital and/or print book on sale with her formatting services. From hyperlinked table of contents to the stylized images for scene breaks and...
  3. Missye Maroon

    Manuscript Formatting Vellum Formatting

    From their website: Created your ebook in Vellum? It’s ready for print. Page numbers. Margins. Headers. Font. Line spacing. All of the setup that can take hours elsewhere happens automatically with every book you create. And Vellum goes beyond the basics to prevent widows, balance page...