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  1. Laura Drake

    Business So You Want To Get an Agent with Laura Drake

    We will cover query structure, etiquette, tracking and how to find agents to send to. Huge amount of info in a small package!
  2. Laura Drake

    Business Submissions That Sell! with Laura Drake

    Your writing is amazing. You’ve edited your manuscript until the reflection alone will blind. Congratulations! But without an equally shiny submission package, those agents/editors will never know about you, and that you could have been their next great author. This course will teach you...
  3. Laura Drake

    Craft Your First Five Pages: Glue Your Readers to Your Story with Laura Drake

    Have you ever started a book by a ‘new to you’ author and settled right into the story? You just know you’re going to love it. You’re relaxed and trusting the author from the first page. You're hooked and you know you will be there for awhile. How do they do that? You have less than five pages...