1. Shelby Morgen

    Craft Spoiler Alert! (Dump the backstory) The Action News Reporter Method with Margaret Riley

    How many times have we all heard "Show don't Tell!" We know action driven plots and tension driven character development rely on pacing. Whether your WIP is plot driven, character driven, or both, nothing takes a reader out of the action as fast as a question that's asked and never answered (and...
  2. Becky Martinez

    Craft Keeping up the Pace in Your Stories with Becky Martinez

    Readers want books that keep their interest and attention, whether it’s great characters or a great story. But how can you as the author construct your story so that it keeps the readers turning the pages? Learn some of the mechanics of pacing and different ways you can keep the story moving and...
  3. F.T. Bradley

    Craft Riveting Suspense: Quick Fixes to Improve Each Chapter with Fleur Bradley

    Want to improve the pacing and tension in your writing? This workshop gives you all the tools to edit for suspense—one chapter at a time. Find out how to build suspense using conflict and character, and how to make small, easy changes with a big impact. Whether you’re writing a mystery or a...