paranormal romance

  1. Wolf's Clothing

    Wolf's Clothing

    Legend Tripping #2
  2. Passion Never Dies: The Complete Reborn Series

    Passion Never Dies: The Complete Reborn Series

    This collection includes the novellas Reborn to Die, Reborn to Burn, the award-winning Reborn to Avenge, and Reborn to Conquer.
  3. Willpower (Psychic Crossroads, Book 1)

    Willpower (Psychic Crossroads, Book 1)

    Grace Powell awakened one day with no memory of the previous eight months. Now a relentless enemy hunts her but, blinded by amnesia, she has no clue why.
  4. Intuition (Psychic Crossroads, Book 2)

    Intuition (Psychic Crossroads, Book 2)

    Torn apart by their haunted pasts, Grace and David struggle to reclaim their passionate bond and defeat an enemy who wields unspeakable psychic power.
  5. Blood of New Beginnings The Primigenio Tales Book 2

    Blood of New Beginnings The Primigenio Tales Book 2

    vampire paranormal romance with a sinister historical figure as an antagonist
  6. Life in Moonlight

    Life in Moonlight

    Vampire paranormal romance with an unconventional HEA
  7. Family Pride: Blood Fever

    Family Pride: Blood Fever

  8. Family Pride: Love and Challenges

    Family Pride: Love and Challenges

  9. On a Red Horse

    On a Red Horse

    Scarlet needs a new job, but Horseman of the Apocalypse doesn't sound good on a resume.
  10. Reborn to Avenge (Reborn, Part 3)

    Reborn to Avenge (Reborn, Part 3)

    A passion that outlasts time itself…Dawn and her lover Jake Maxwell share a sizzling bond even death can't sever, reunited after three thousand years. But Anton Vahl, the scientist responsible for Dawn's resurrection, is hell-bent on reclaiming her to mine the secrets of her rebirth.
  11. Reborn to Burn (Reborn, Part 2)

    Reborn to Burn (Reborn, Part 2)

    Desperate to escape her captors, Dawn has entrusted her life to Jake Maxwell, a sexy, mysterious grad student with an unusual talent for evading bad guys.
  12. Reborn to Die (Reborn, Part 1)

    Reborn to Die (Reborn, Part 1)

    No name, no past, no memory. Hunted by the scientists who resurrected her, she flees with her enigmatic savior, but will he betray her?
  13. The Falls

    The Falls

    When Lindsey stumbles onto a dead body, she thinks her day can't get any crazier. Then she sees a gorgeous naked man fleeing the scene, and an impulse she can't explain propels her to pursue the stranger -- straight through a waterfall and into a parallel world.
  14. Stumptown Spirits

    Stumptown Spirits

    Legend Tripping #1: Dealing with ghosts puts more than one life on the line.
  15. Hathor Legacy: Outcast

    Hathor Legacy: Outcast

    On the planet, Hathor, Nadira is one of the Guardians, the PSI security force for Novacorp. When the CEO of a company mine goes missing after a robbery, his son Jonathan teams up with Nadira to solve the crime amid betrayals, revelations and their growing attraction for each other.