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    Award winning Young Adult Science Fiction Vagrant. First book in a three book series, Vagrant is a Finalist for the International Best Book Award and won the Seal of Excellence from Apple Awards. Logan Hall is a Vagrant, one of the disenfranchised living beneath the mega city of New Washington...

    Craft How to Create & Use a Series Bible with June Diehl

    We’ve all heard of writers using a series bible. But how is it best used while writing a series and what should it include? During the four weeks of the workshop, we’ll explore how to create a series bible that fits what you’re writing and how to use and maintain your series bible over the...

    Craft The Newbie Guide to Writing a First Series with Beth Daniels

    When it comes to writing mysteries, there are probably far more that fall under the umbrella of being a series than there are those that are standalone titles. A series, after all, can suck readers into your fictional world and keep them coming back for more and more and more. But writing a...