Beginner's Guide to Story ARC for Trilogies and Series with Beth Daniels

Plot-Structure-GMC Beginner's Guide to Story ARC for Trilogies and Series with Beth Daniels

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4 Weeks
As if it wasn’t difficult enough to dream up a storyline for a book, for those of us interested in writing tales that take place over the course of more than one book, with the same main characters in the leading roles, there is an extra burden.

Not only is a standalone story required for each tome, there needs to be a story arc that begins with the first book in the trilogy or series and doesn’t come to a conclusion until the close of the final book in the trilogy or series – and yet has to be part of what happens in each book within the trilogy or series!

Follow that?

So, which is more important? BOTH!

It’s not an easy thing to accomplish if you’ve never written a trilogy or planned a multi-book series before. That doesn’t mean it isn’t doable – learnable!

In 4 weeks, we’ll tackle the story arc and attending standalone tale within trilogies (where it doesn’t have to stretch quite as far) and series (where it stretches further because it needs to be represented in far more volumes).

It doesn’t matter if you are writing mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, action-adventure, or romance. If the hero or heroine’s journey doesn’t wrap up in a single book, you’re in story arc country. It could be a lovely place to settle down for the long haul in your writing career.
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Beth Daniels
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