1. Amy L Bernstein

    Character Revealing Character Through Dialogue: Secrets, Lies, and Innermost Thoughts with Amy L. Bernstein

    You’ve plotted your novel, mapped your main character’s “arc” of change, and set your story in motion. Now for the hardest part of all: Figuring out what all these people should say to one another—and to themselves. The writer and poet Elizabeth Bowen once said, “Dialogue is what characters do...
  2. Brenda Chin

    Character MASTER CLASS: Creating Complex Characters with Brenda Chin

    Award-winning editor Brenda Chin has worked in the romance industry for more than 32 years. Throughout her many years with Harlequin, she had the opportunity to work with some of the best writers in the business, often buying their first book. Brenda is offering her expertise to help authors go...
  3. LC Hayden

    Pacing-Tension Show, Don't Tell with LC Hayden

    We’ve all heard it: show, don’t tell. But what exactly does that mean? Award-winning author L. C. Hayden will address this and other important concerns. She will define the concept, show the reader how to tell which mode he’s in, and how to fix the problem. Hayden will then go an extra step...
  4. TereMichaels

    Craft Our Writer's Voice with Tere Michaels

    Our Writer's Voice is more than how we write – it’s also about what and why we write. An understanding of our journey from consumer to creator can have a major impact on a career. From choosing projects to understanding and moving through blocks to creating an authentic and unique brand, your...
  5. Romy Sommer

    Craft The Writer's Voice by Romy Sommer

    What is writing voice, and how can we develop our own? It's almost impossible to teach someone voice, but in this workshop we'll do fun exercises to develop and discover our unique voices, and understand why voice is so crucial in attracting agents, editors and readers to our work.
  6. Martha McKiever

    Intros & Newbies Hello, fellow writers.

    Hello, I'm a writer of middle grade fiction and member of SCBWI Carolinas. I'm looking forward to taking part in some of the webinars and classes and would be interested in more pitch workshops, since I'm hoping to pitch my MG novel this coming year. My novel's been in the works for almost two...
  7. pjune-yahoo.com

    Craft Writing the Emotional Journey with June Diehl

    Are your readers satisfied with your stories? Are they reluctant to put your story aside? At the end of your story, the reader should sigh, with a sense of satisfaction, when finishing your story, one which they will remember for a long time coming. So how does one create a satisfied reader...

    Plot-Structure Beginnings with Jacqueline Lipton

    What’s the best way to get (and hold) your readers’ attention from the first line of your book until the last? With so many books to read and so many ways to read them (ebooks, audiobooks, and good old fashioned hardbacks and paperbacks), authors are often fighting for reader eyeballs in an...