Results from our SavvyAuthors Pitchfests
Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2021 Autumn Pitchfest and in particular thanks to the Agents who reviewed the 1527 stories and books pitched! Wow!

Read on for the full list of requests received. Thanks for participating and don't forget to register for the 2022 Sweetheart Pitchfest!

Dawn Dowdle – Blue Ridge Agency

Please follow the instructions at and put "SavvyAuthors Pitchfest" for who referred you.

  • Desire in Dairyland by Michelle Caffrey
  • Pirates under the Bed
  • I Don’t Want a Haircut! By Lea Schizas
  • Go to Bed Stinkbug! By Stephanie Maksymiw
  • The Secret of Eucalyptus Cove by Scott Rhoades
  • Falling for Buffalo Ridge by Addey Vaters
  • Poka Paka’s Winter Surprise by Stephanie Cotela
  • Weirdwolf by Searra Simpson
  • At the Cliff’s Edge by Susan Burdorf
  • Murder on Bacon Street by Susan Burdorf
  • Magic in Grandma’s Kitchen by Debra Daugherty
  • Best Laid by Mary Rose Luksha
  • Soup Day! By Sarah Yahr Tucker
  • Marked by Magic by Annmarie SanSevero
  • Anything for an ‘A’ by Vivienne Frist
  • Ellie the Eggspert by Danielle Sharkan
  • The Mystery at Apple Tree Orchard by Summer Hemingway
  • Murder on Lake Nebo by Ruben D. Gonzales
  • Punkerella by Stacey Miller
  • Violet and Duck by Katie Walsh
  • Phoebe Fixes Everyting by Cady Bielecki
  • Chef Goaton Ramsey’s World-Famous Food Truck by Brian Burak
  • Buds and Bees by Russell Wolff
  • Raising the Bar by Vanessa Edwards
  • Cooking in the Musical Kitchen by Lori Copperman Evans
  • The Murder Blog by Sandra Gardner
  • The Brooklyn North Murders by Erica Obey
  • Family Recipe by Karen Keesling
  • Planets Play by Candace Spizzirri
  • Her Ladyship and the Fall Star by Melanie Adkins
  • A Dark Death by Alice Fitzpatrick
  • Secret in the Attic with Tara Manderino

Jordy Albert, Booker Albert Literary Agency
Please ask the authors to use this link to submit at querymanager: Query Submission

  • The Bracebridge Courier
  • Checkered Flag
  • Wild Music
  • Crown of Fangs and Feathers
  • fair game
  • humbly yours, Juliet
  • unlamped
  • Dreams of a dragon girl
  • frenzied
  • shoot straight stay center
  • project chrysalis
  • managing the mogul

Karly Dizon – Fuse Literary Agency

Please email the first 25 pages, or if it’s a PB, please send the full manuscript to [email protected]


Jennifer Herrington – Harvey Klinger Literary Agency

Please submit pitch, query, synopsis, and first three chapters of your manuscript. If this is a picture book or graphic novel request, please submit the full manuscript.

  • Trolly by Laura Jordan - YA Comedic Portal Fantasy
  • To the Dark Side and Back by Deborah Foster – PB Fiction
  • Tin Can Harmonica Man by Lori D. Housley – PB Bio
  • Those Boots by Reed Hilton-Eddy – PB
  • Gus Would Rather by Paige Classey Przybylski – PB
  • Go to Bed Stinkbug by Stephanie Maksyniw – PB
  • This Book will Blast Off in 10 Seconds by Kara Sibilia – PB
  • The World is a Sniff by Mindy Hardwick – MG
  • Poka Paka’s Winter Surprise by Stephanie Cotela – PB
  • The Ninja Squirrels of the Hundred Acre Wood by Mike Hayes – MG Fantasy Hybrid GN
  • Jack of all Spades by Amy Leskowski – PB
  • Caffeine Kindergarten by Amy Leskowski – PB
  • Humbly Yours, Juliet by Brieanna Wilkoff – Contemporary YA
  • Layton Clark & the Geocached Ghost Town by Abbi Lee – MG
  • Ghost Dust by Carol Teed – MG Fantasy/Horror
  • Almost Sundown by Kassie Lamro – MG Fantasy
  • A Night at the Lighthouse by Lynn Grace Wong – MG Horror
  • A Curry Cure by Rozana Rajkumari – PB
  • The Trouble with Bubbles by Michelle Steinberg – PB
  • A Ghoul’s Guide to Illegal Alchemy by Allison Latzko – YA UF ???
  • I Am Nobody by Marco Santomenna – MG GN SF
  • Ziti’s Garden by Alvina Leder – PB
  • The Shape Shake Up by Jenn Shetsen Wierda – PB
  • Pink Ribbon Perfection by Regina Morris – RomCom
  • Andromeda & the Missing Arm by Anna Vosburgh – MG Contemporary
  • The Truth About Chickens by Amy G Coombs – MG Contemporary
  • Glitter, Ghosts, and Gold Dust by Elizabeth Janczyk – Early MG PN
  • Saturday on the Bay by Amanda Wastrom – PB Lyrical
  • If Found This is Not Liam Lawson’s Diary by Andi Anders – YA CR/GN
  • Canyon Home by Gayleen Rabakukk – MG
  • Take by My Hand by Anne Lambert - PB

Hannah VanVels – Belcastro Agency
I’d love to see queries from the list below. They can fill out this form:

  • HALF TREE by Bex Drate
  • The Missing Memories of Cordy O’Reilly by Tonya Preece
  • Black Belly: Flesh and Blood by Ely Azure
  • SANTA MUERTE by Chelly Pike
  • The Ghosts of Hawkthorn by Stephanie Cotela
  • WEIRDWOLF by Searra Simpson
  • A GHOST’S CHANCE by Susan Burdorf
  • SAY THE RIGHT THING by Genevieve A.
  • The Botany Project by Hailey Leonard
  • Showmance by Reem Khaleel
  • Styx by Michelle Kulwicki

Kortney Price – Ravelquill Literary Agency
Requested PB's can send the full manuscript. Novels can send the first 30 pages. Here's a link to the request page on my QM I'm currently closed to queries, but I am accepting requested materials through this link specifically.

  • Callie Dean - This Book Needs a Password
  • Kara Sibilia - This Book will Blast off in 10 Seconds
  • Erika Romero - A Very Special Day
  • Noelle Strader - Pros & Cons of Dating Grey
  • Susan Leigh Needham - Cameron Skye and the Nowhere Graves
  • Lynn Grace Wong - A Night at the Light House
  • Hailey Leonard - The Botany Project
  • Reem Khaleel - Showmance
  • Shelly Jasperson - The Mummy's Missing Toe
  • Elizabeth Janczyk - How Does a Garden Grow
  • Karen Keesling - Kai's Canoe
  • Olivia Oh - Beyond the Mirror
  • Aimee Lauren - I'm the Bad Guy

Lynnette Novak – The Seymour Agency

Please paste your pitch and query in the body of the email and attach the first three chapters as a docx. Put your title and Autumn Pitchfest in the subject line and send to: querylynnette (at) theseymouragency (dot) com. #ExcitedToRead

  • Weightless by Liz Peterson Crane
  • Say the Right Thing by Genevieve A.
  • The Pros and Cons of Dating Grey by Noelle Strader
  • The Last True Fortune of Bunny Bapst by Amanda Mulholland
  • Canyon Home by Gayleen Rabakukk

Analieze Cervantes – Harvey Klinger Literary Agency
Please have the following authors submit their query, synopsis, and first 15 pages here:

  • HALF TREE—Box Drate
  • IF I SEE YOU FIRST—Susan Burdorf
  • SHOWMANCE—Reem Khaleel
  • THE MURDER BLOG—Sandra Gardner
  • GRAPPLE—Christopher JP Brouse