• Feb 15, 2010
    Central Arkansas
    Hi guys,

    I found an issue with the chat room earlier today.

    hardware/software specifics:
    Asus netbook Eee PC--iirc it's a 10" screen--running XP
    browser: Chrome

    When I attempted to open the chatroom by clicking on the blue person a list of chatrooms popped up, but only the last 10 or so showed and no way to scroll through them that I figure out. The list was also transparent so everything on the page I was using showed through. I could, however, scroll the background window up/down to make lines visible.


    I found a workaround to get into any of the chatrooms not shown for you if you have this problem.

    Enter an unlocked chatroom from the popped up list
    Click the 'pop window out' button on the right side of the top bar
    In the small free-floating window that appears, copy the URL
    Close the window and open a new tab/window in your browser
    Paste the copied link in, edit the # at the end of the URL to 2 and hit enter
    This will log you into the sprint chat room.
    Now if you go back to your original savvy tab/window you should see the chatroom open as a small inline chat function. If so go back to the other tab/window you created and close it.
    From here you can use the chatroom as normal.

    If you need a different chatroom, just keep changing the # until you hit the correct one.
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    Hi Merlyssa,

    Thanks for the report. I will pass it on to our tech support.
    Have a great day!

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