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NEW FOR THIS 'FEST: Currently Looking For tags!
Our agents and editors have challenged us to find a better way to make it easier for them to find the best pitches. That is the only complaint we get: that they have to sift through pitches that are not exactly what they are looking for. This is not great for anyone. If you have the perfect story for them, they must look even harder to find it! It's far better to target your pitches to the pub pros who are looking for exactly your story!

To help you better target your pitch to the right agent or editor, we are adding Currently Looking For tags as a requirement for all pitches. Now, besides our normal pitch information, you are required to add at least one tag from the agent or editors Currently Looking For tag list.

NOTE: If you do not have a Currently Looking For tag, we will remove your pitch so you can add the right tag or maybe realize you are not pitching to the right person.

This should reduce the number of what we call "spam pitches" where someone just pitches the same story to all the agents and editors no matter what they are requesting. We've had adult-themed books pitched to agents only looking for kids' books. :D Most participants take the time to ensure they are pitching appropriately, but this should reduce the added "noise" from the rest.


So your pitch should look like this:
Questions? Let us know!
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I am new here. Where would I do is search on currently looking for? I can't figure out how to do a particular search on agents or editors. TIA
Welcome Tara!
The Currently Looking for tags are listed on each editor and agent's listing. We don't have a specific search for them (yet) so the best way is to review the list of agents and editors. You find that linked from the Autumn Pitchfest Menu. Also, definitely review the FAQ for details and answers to frequently asked questions! All this is linked from the menu.

Happy Pitching!
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