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How do you control the tags that show up next to your name when you post in a forum? I just posted in a class I'm in, and I get the "Going Indie" tag next to my "Premium Member" tag. I'm not an indie published author, so not sure where that's coming from. I searched the help and couldn't find anything. Went through every setting I could find in my account, still nothing. I noticed some people have other tags like "Ask me about my book on submission."


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Hi KristiAnn
Those tags in the Postbit are from the usergroups you are a member of. We are running a CritPartner Matching Beta Test program right now out of our IndieCafe'. Since you are a premium member you are part of that offering. I can certainly remove you from the IndieCafe' group, which would remove the tag, but that also removes you from the CritPartner Match Beta. Not sure if you are interested in that. I'll have to check on the other tags, some are awarded for points or classes, etc.