Beating NaNovember for the Win

Beating NaNovember for the Win

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Summer is almost over and the kiddies are back in school. It’s time to take back your writing time and you know what that means...NaNovember is right around the corner!

But are you ready?

Have you found yourself lost and disappointed a week or two into NaNovember? Did your characters wander around aimlessly not sure where to go next? Yep. We’ve been there. But we’ve got the solution: a beat sheet.

This amazing little blueprint (for romance and most fiction genres) can help you stay on track so that you can pump out 50k by November 30th and all without stifling the pantsers out there. Our Beat Sheet helps you map out the key events, characters, and conflicts in your story at just the right amount of detail to keep your writing on track during chilly November writing events!

Join us for this three-week special event (free for premium members) as we work through character sheets, nail down GMC (goals, motivation, conflict), and tweak that beat sheet so you’ll have your roadmap ready for NaNovember.

Then stick around for NaNovember where we put the beat sheet to the test. :) If you stumble on a beat during NaNovember, pop on over to our beat sheet forum and sound the alarm, we’ll come running with help. :)
Week 1: Who the heck are your characters and why are they so important? We’ll work through a series of character worksheets to get to know and dig down deep into the psyche to pull out the good stuff to be used in Week 2 and 3.

Week 2 & Week 3: With easy to digest lessons and examples, we will start working through each beat with homework and feedback.

Week 4: Catch up and be ready to start NaNovember!

Our aim is to have you comfortable with your beat sheet by Halloween and ready to kick some butt on November 1st.
RJ Garside
Start date
Oct 8, 2018 at 12:00 AM
End date
Oct 28, 2018 at 12:00 AM
Registration end date
Oct 8, 2018 at 12:00 AM
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